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Brand Name:NeoBack
Type:Spray Painted
Theme:Llama photography backdrop for pictures
Type:Computed printed
Size (mm):Customized to any size
Apply to:Party Background,room decorate,family Photography
Max. Width:300cm(10ft) seamless
Note:Please leave your custom message



custom backdrop
Our brand MEHOFOTO,We are a professional photography backdrop manufacturer,we strive to produce the highest quality product for your backdrops needs.We have our own photo studio and our professional team.Our products are primary targeted at wedding,newborn,children,photo booth,baby showers,graduations,parties and more,also perfect for television,video production and digital trade show,large-scale billboard photography.We can according to each customer's demand to design the unique backdrop product.Our products include Polyester Cloth Backdrops, waterproof anti-UV,Canvas Backdrop, Rubber floor, Old master muslin, as well as affordable Vinyl Cloth Backdrops.We do OEM,ODM and Other customized Tradeshow orders.We offer a wide range of backdrop materials with custom sizes and styles to choose from.If you have specific sizing needs,any of our backgrounds can be ordered custom-sized please feel free to contact us.

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Polyester cloth;The picture is clear,realistic,Stereo sense is strong,It's perfect for any professional or private photography.


Polyester:compare to paper and cloth backdrop,polyester is waterproof,thick,durable,bright in color,seamless and winkle free.Maximum seamless width of 300cm.Can be used multiple times.Finished along all edges to prevent tears.High cost-effective.

Perfect decoration for photo backdrop,wedding,newborn,children,photo booth,baby showers,graduations,parties and more,also perfect for television,video production and digital trade show,large-scale billboard photography.

If the background is dirty,you can throw it into the washing machine.It can be folded for easy carrying,you can use it outdoors,it's the preferred choice for the photographers.

Here are ways to remove wrinkles:

For the polyester background,you can wash it or iron it to remove the creases,creases are easily removed.



Thin-Vinyl(Pictorial cloth);High resolution and quality & not easy fade;It can wipe with water,easy to keep clean.


The Vinyl,The picture is clear,realistic,Stereo sense is strong.Maximum seamless width of 300cm,soft,lightweight, Easy to Fold & Carry,cheaper and light than Polyester cloth,but is still tearproof, Not waterproof,Can only be used for indoor photography,So it is More suitable for one-time use.Easy to hang up straightly or naturally.

like birthday party,family photographers...

Note:Don't touch it with water,when you find the footprints on the backdrop, you can try use a slightly moist damp cloth to try wipe it.

Here are ways to remove wrinkles:
1) Roll it up tightly with a cylinder for 3-4 days,it will be ok.
2) If necessary, please iron the back surface with low temperature and It is best to lay a layer of cloth in the middle,so as not to destroy the imagethen it will be smooth again.

   So if you can not accept,please buy with caution.

Polyester vs vinyl cloth


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Please note

1.computer screens are different in color correction,subtle color difference is normal.
2.At the same time,because of our background material or pictorial ink in different batches,the background when printed will have very small difference.
3.In order to facilitate transport and packaging,will be folded background shipments resulting in creased.
Do not worry,do not affect to use.

Using a series of high-tech digital production equipment carefully made digital pictures ink jetpictures.The backdrops need keep distance to take pictures.Also many large format images may seem a littlepixelated.Different lighting will have different shooting effect,you can try to adjust the lights to make your photos better.

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Additional services,Please contact us.

1.Add the top/bottom pocket or hole.
2.Rolled sending backdrop.
3.Can be customized to any size.
4.Backdrop can be personalized pattern, add photos, modify the color/style.
5.Drop shipping.
6.Particularly expedited, Processed order within 24-48 hours and shipped.

If you don't satisfied with the transaction,please feel free to contact me,i will reply within 24 hours and try my best to resolve any problems.if you like it,please give me a five-star reviews.Thank you!



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